Kencana Park – The Favorite Gathering Place , Night and Day

Kencana Park (Taman Kencana) is the name of a public area, a park located in Central Bogor District. It’s located in an upper class society settlement near Sempur Square.

The park is known not only as a center of Bogor culinary but also one of the favorite place not only for Bogorians but also tourists who come to the city.

Many types and variation of popular culinary in Bogor can be found here like “Macaroni Panggang (Baked Maccaroni” , “Grilled Pizza”, and some other names. The fame of the area has been encouraged by many national television coverage about the park.

Kencana Park cBesides of that, the park itself is also known as one of the cultural heritage of the city. Kencana Park was established during the expansion of Bogor as a city back in 1920-s. A Dutch architect, Thomas Karsten was designed the park as well as the surrounding area.

Therefore, people who comes to the park should be also presented with the view of the “remains” of the past of Bogor, especially from the architectural style of the buildings surrounding the park.

The Kencana Park, some sources said that it was named as von Imhoff Plain, named after the Governor General of Dutch East Indie at that time, was designed as a public area for people who lives there. Most people who lived there where scientist and upper level official in Dutch East Hindie.

Kencana Park b

Kencana Park has got few times renovation in order to maintain his function as a public area. The current look is more modern. The big letters of park’s name was put in front side and also some modification has been made to make the park more suitable and convenient for visitors. Some lamps were installed as well to light up the park during nights.

Until now, the park has still kept its function as a place for people to meet and gather. Bogorians, as well as, visitors from outside often use the park to relax or do a meet and chat with friends or lovers.

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